Md Firoz Ahmed

Massage from the founder

Dear Parents

Assalamu Alaikum.

Khilkhet is blooming ultra modern aristocratic area which is developing gradually. The number of population is increasing here day by day. But the quality based educational institutions are rare. To fulfil  demand and to make the pupils ideal citizens, I established this school in 2015 according to the international education system like UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Now the School is located in khilkhet which is heart of the Dhaka Bangladesh. That ensure Congenial atmosphere and happy environment that is now run by Mr Md Mizanur Rahman (Chairman & Principal) BBA, PGD, MBA from UK & Ex lecturer of London Guildhall College and Swatmore College London with a group of highly educated, meritorious and expert teachers.

We are glad to let you know that we are already step ahead with a great success by the grace of almighty Allah and your hearty assistance. It’s a delight to note that we already started English medium to materialize the necessary of learning English in the present world according to the edexcel and university of Cambridge international examination curriculum from play group to A level.

We are especially thankful to our guardians and well-wishers for the restless support tour future step for our digital school. If the school can proof it’s worth in fulfilling the demand. I think our co-ordinates effort will be successful may Allah bless us all remain with us always-Ameen.

Md Firoz Ahmed

Founder of SISB